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The Way It Should Be

Melange offers a timeless selection of products that honor our Indian heritage, minimize ecological impact and are made to last. 

  • We partner with skilled craftspeople in New Delhi, who help bring our handcrafted accessories to life.

  • We continually strive to minimize our impact on the earth through our biodegradable shippers, small-batch production and vegan leather

  • We hand select beautiful, durable fabrics and ensure a product that helps busy humans like yourself

Image by Shane Rounce

Who We Are

As a small but mighty team of two female entrepreneurs, we are excited to share our timeless pieces with you. Our years spent in India sparked a passion for the intricate artistry in Indian textiles that showcases the colors, patterns and vibrant essence of our culture. We hope you love our curated selection of accessories as much as we do. 

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